A Simply Sweet Graduation

Hello my simply sweet family! Welcome back and thank you for joining me once again. So I started this blog to talk about things happening in my life. It is graduation season and I have my second ready to graduate from high school.

With that being said, this moms life is now consumed by caps and gowns, prom dresses and shoes, pictures, invitations, and of course college preparation. On the plan this week is graduation party planning. I always start off planning by coming up with a theme, well that has been simple, graduation. Next I come up with a color scheme, again, simple! My daughter has decided to attend Abilene Christian University, so color scheme will be purple and white. This is also a simply great because my son is attending Prairie View A&M University and his colors were purple and gold. So I have several purple items left from his party. Less to buy and undoubtedly less to do!

Since the color scheme and theme are decided, the next step is decor. I have been thinking of creative ways to use my backyard. Again, another simply sweet idea because we have canopies and a big backyard, so no hunting for a space to hold the party, just hunting for awesome decorating ideas! Looking at ways to decorate a canopy to make it party ready. I found sequined fabric andpuprple tulle to make the canopies pretty and help keep the sun off our guests. My next task is looking for ideas for a beautiful tablescape.

I have been on the hunt around the net looking for inspirations for centerpieces and party favors. Since I make most of the items that are used during my parties, I always start by looking for DIY’s to try. I have narrowed down my choices for centerpieces and have decided on the number of tables so I know now that I will need 10 centerpieces. I have purchased all the supplies and am ready to start assembling the centerpieces. As I make these centerpieces I will post pictures so that you all can see my progress.

Planning this party for my daughter has been very fun and much simpler than my son because I can be frilly, have bling, and cutesy stuff. So I will on my next post show pictures of the centerpieces that I have made.

Again, thank you all for joining me and I look forward to connecting with you again!

Stay blessed, stay happy and most of all stay simply sweet!

Centerpiece number one done just need to add finishing touches!

My Simply Sweet Story

Thank you for stopping by and WELCOME to my blog. I would like to start this first blog by introducing myself and my reason for being here. I am a wife, a mother, author, speaker, and entrepreneur, sister, friend, and mentor.

My main focus is to tell my story and some things I have learned along the way. I have done so many things in my life that I think would be valuable for others to know. So how did I get here.

My simply sweet life started as a way to brand the many side business I am doing. I have a t-shirt business, a non-profit owner, crafter, and party planner. I started party planning because I have three children who have birthdays very close together. I had to plan parties that would be fun for both boys and girls. I had another obstacle as well, I was a stay at home mom so my parties had to be cost effective. So I started finding themes, decor, and food that would be appealing to all. I did this several years, and the parents would always ask me how I planned these great parties. So I started helping other moms plan parties for their children.

My husband would always tell me stop giving away your help for free. They would pay other people why not let them pay you. You are doing a lot of the work for them and the execution. I thought about this and so Simply Sweet Events by Aljay was born. When my husband and I first talked about opening a business, we decided that we would put Aljay in the name somehow. Aljay is a combination of my name and my husbands name. So I did a couple more parties for free and used them to build my portfolio and to get testimonials. So since 2017 I have done parties, baby showers, company parties, bridal showers, and many more.

I have been gathering supplies, honing my skills and trying to market like crazy. So, with that I listened to many podcasts, periscopes, and IG live getting more information and learning more about business. So with that I learned about branding, so across all of my businesses the main focus is simply sweet. Simply Sweet Events, Simply Sweet T-Shirts, Simply Sweet Crafts, My Simply Sweet blog and Youtube channel. So I hope you all enjoy I am looking forward to bringing more content, more stories, and more women’s empowerment.

I thank you so much for stopping by. Please share this with your friends and send questions, comments, or things you might be interested in knowing!

Live Simply, Simply live,